Saturday, 27 May 2017

Magic loop video

I’ve been playing about with video tutorials, really would like to start including some basic ones with my photo tutorials. Decided to do a little video of crochet magic loop technique. I have a picture tutorial on it on my website already but it is worked in a different way, this video shows the magic loop method I love the most. 

There’s no sound on it as I need to get myself a good microphone first, I also do not think the world is ready for my erratic voiceovers. However, I have written instructions as the video plays and videos will always be accompanied by full written instructions anyway. 

Here are the written instructions….

I use UK terms and in this tutorial the only stitch I used is double crochet (US single crochet)

Step 1: Hold the tail of your yarn in the palm of your left hand, wrap the yarn twice around your index and middle finger, making sure that the second wrap crosses over the first one.
Step 2: Insert your hook under the first wrap, grab the top wrap and pull it through. When you pull the loop through, twist your hook so it faces your hand.
Step 3: Gently remove your fingers from the loop, and hold it so the tail is to your left. You can see how the tail is twisted inside the loop.
Step 4: Chain 1, work 6 dc into ring making sure you enclose the tail as you work. I have made this video as a practice, of course you can work as many dc as you like into ring, if you working in other stitches make sure you make the correct number of turning chains for your chosen stitch.
Step 5: Pull tight on the tail to close opening.
Step 6: Slip stitch to first dc to close the round.
Hey presto! Magic loop made 😊

Please let me know what you think, I value all your opinions and any feedback is always good. Would you like to see some more videos? 

Anna xx

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Double yarn overs

This tutorial is to support my new design, Essie shawl, which uses double yarn over in the lace section.

We have all probably encountered a single yarn over at some point, they are used in lace or to make button holes, you simply bring the yarn forward and knit the next stitch with the yarn going over the needle thus creating an eyelet. They are usually abbreviated as yo, yfwd, yf. Double yarn overs are the same thing just…well, doubled, which produces a larger eyelet. They are supper easy to make but the trick is to work back on them correctly. They are usually abbreviated as yoyo or yo (x 2). 

To make a double yarn over

Bring the yarn forward in-between the needles, then wrap around the needle once more, then knit the next stitch as normal.

Working back on yarn overs 

Normally, you would treat yarn over as a standard stitch and purl or knit it, but you can’t do that with double yarn over. If you purl or knit both strands you will end up with one super large eyelet, so you have to either purl the first stitch and knit the second or vice versa. What I recommend you do in Essie is purl the first stitch and knit the second through back loop.

  • Purl the first stitch as normal, be very careful the second stitch does not jump off the needle.
  • Take your yarn to the back of work in-between the needles.
  • Knit the second stitch through back loop.
  • Bring your yarn to the front of work in-between needles and continue to work on the rest of your stitches.

Hey presto! Double yarn over completed 😊

Essie is now abvailable on:


Anna x